Emergency Hay Trip

The need for emergency hay continues.  Read more

Headed West to the location where the roads had been closed due to flooding on Memorial Day.

The guy loaded her up.haytrip1

And I’m homeward bound with some goodies for the gurls.haytrip2

These are 4×6 round bales containing Bluestem Grass, weighing approximately 11-1200lbs apiece.  Bale weight is hard to guess without actually scaling them, but these were pretty close.  Tight bales, considering some were last years hay (Summer 2014), and two year old hay (Summer 2013).  You’d be surprised at the quality of 2yr old hay if it’s been properly baled…almost as good as new hay.  Cows don’t seem to be able to tell the difference 🙂

Got home without incident.  Now it’s time to see if the trailer unloads itself properly.haytrip4

This is a self dumping trailer.  Bought it about 15yrs ago when they first were introduced.  Best thing since sliced bread 😀

The entire body of the trailer sits on a pivot, which is mounted on top of the axles.  The pivot is slightly off center to the passenger side of the vehicle.  A lock mechanism holds the body from tipping until you release the lock, swing out a lever, and tip it.haytrip6

If all goes well………………………………………………haytrip5

Hoping for a dry-out, but sometimes you get exactly what you wish for.  Might not see another drop of rain for 3 months.


Any day above ground is a good day