Aw CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (updated)



Aw Crap1

Manure (pronounced man-oooooo-er) has a tendency to collect water like a sponge.  Mix it with old hay, and you have a bottomless pit just under a crispy crust surface.  Marvelous stuff 🙂

Put a 1400# bale on the front of the tractor, firmly place your MORON cap on your head, and drive on BAD BOY.

I have 6 feeders out there, and I figured that I’d just put out a bale in the ONE feeder that wasn’t surrounded by muck (we had a heavy rain about 2 days ago).  BUT………NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The first bale went so well, why not try to put another one out.southpark0011I’ve been meaning to put 10.00 x 16 front tires on the stupid “new” tractor (the 3 rib front tractor kind).  But……as usual……didn’t get around to it.  It still has those little toy tires on it.  OOOOOMPH!!

Should dry out a bit by this evening, and I’ll try to get it unstuck.  K’kins is gonna love this (I’m cringing as I say this).

Yes,,,,,,,,,,,,definitely a candidate for the coveted Brown Bag Award.

Getting it Out

This evening, we got to it, and got the doggone thing out of the goop.

Had to remove the crane from the Oliver, and set it on its cradle.Aw Crap3The pup likes to dig holes anywhere the ground is soft, and there’s some moles around 🙂

The crane sits on the cradle between uses.  Leg folds down, and it’s a done deal.  Pretty simple to deal with.Aw Crap4

So now it’s off to rescue the tractor……  Luckily, the ground was hard close enough to the stuck tractor so that it didn’t need a real long chain, or series of chains.Aw Crap7I use all American made rigging.  Chains, binders, clevis’s, etc.  Little expensive, but long lasting, and safe.

Out she comes 🙂Aw Crap5But not before the cows had a chance to ruin the bale.Aw Crap6At least it wasn’t completely destroyed, and we were able to get the bulk of it into a feeder further down the slope, where it was dry.  Just another day in paradise 🙂


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