A Day At The Auction

This is a monthly equipment auction.  First Wed of every month.  This time around I was selling, not buying (well….almost 🙂 )

All types of industrial, and farm equipment is sold here.  Trucks, and cars, too.

Some of the worst……………………auction1.auction3Burnt out salvage equipment sold for parts.  Keep those fire extinguishers handy when baling hay!!.  I don’t know how many burnt out balers, and tractors, I’ve seen as a result of a bearing getting hot inside the baler, and lighting the countryside on fire.  The chaff, dust, and the hay itself, is the most flammable substance on the planet, aside from gasoline.

Then There Are The Big Ticket Items

The Sandwich From Hell
That Saved The Day

So………the small stuff is done, and it’s almost time for the selling of the trucks.

I hustle down to the food trailer, and order a Pulled Pork sandwich, with a Coke.  $6 for the sandwich, and $2 for the soda.  I’m thinking I oughta get into the food business!!!  On the bright side, (and something I was TRULY grateful for later) the Coke was a biggy gulp sized drink in large cup.

The sale had already started on the trucks.  I could hear them calling the bids.  CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hustle back up there, fast as my happy feet will trot.  Had to trot (actually walk at a fast pace) for fear of spilling my biggy gulp drink.  Would hate to see $2 hit the ground.

I GET THERE TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed this!!auction8I do NOT need a 1950’s Dodge truck.  K’kins would have just shook her head if I showed up with it when I got home.  Actually, she would have had to drive me back to get it.

About that sandwich:  IT WAS THE WORST PULLED PORK SANDWICH I’VE EATEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE.  Hot as a pistol, spice wise.  THANK GOD FOR THE BIGGY GULP.  Bad as it was, I was grateful for that sandwich.  It saved me from spending money I don’t have, and it saved me from a lot of grief.

You See It All

I go to auctions pretty regular.  Great entertainment for us geezerly types 🙂 .

Up to now, I thought I’d seen it all.  News flash, you can’t live long enough to see it all.auction7This guy brought in 3 vehicles to sell.  I figured “No big deal”

😀 The Sale Was On!!

The dood not only sold the cars on the trailer…….He sold the trailer…..Then he sold the truck pulling the trailer.

Auction Guy:  “Guess he’s gonna have to walk home”.  Little auction humor there I guess 🙂 .

The Expensive Stuff

After small items, and trucks/trailers/cars….it’s on to the high dollar stuff.

It all enters the building on the East side.auction9Then they bid on it in the auction ring.auction10auction11BTW………… There isn’t a drinking fountain on the property.  They like sellin’ those biggy gulps.

Anyways……….I did ok on the selling, just had to bring one item home with me.

And I did good on the buying.  Two new 205/75/15 ST tires mounted on new wheels, $130 for the pair.  I see a trailer build somewhere in the future 🙂 .auction12

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