The Lab Guys Never Sleep

The R&D boys at Uranus Inc haven’t just been resting on their butts lately.  Straight from Uranus…………………the latest developments in modern science.

The staff was sitting around one day, drinking lattes, after lunch in the company organic health foods cafeteria, and came up with a question………………….  ??????????????????????????????????????????

Just what does it take to dent a piece of A36 steel???  They pondered this awhile.  Nobody seemed to be able to come up with a good way to assemble some data.  After a heavy meal of soyburgers,  with tofu chips (Lola Granola has a catering company, or did I forget to mention)  (Lola of 2015 Slagpit Bash fame), it was hard to think

Guy in the back stuck up his handmemememe“Why don’t we head out to the range, and do some hands-on research?”

So..they all squeezed into the the Subaru Forrester, the one with all the “Save The…………………………….” stickers on the bumper, and headed out.  They were all wearing sunglasses, going incognito as it were 😀 .

They get to the range, and Bob (We’ll call him “Bob” so’s to keep his identity on the QT)  grabs a few pieces of iron from the glove box.  (Unbeknownst to his buddies…….Bob has a carry permit)  The others were wide eyed, and whispered amongst themselves.  This kinda thing doesn’t go down in Oregon without a few raised eyebrows.

The test panels were set up about 50 feet downrange.  One of the guys did this, with wary backward glances at Bob, who was busy loading some rounds.  I mean Bob looked safe ‘n all, but who could really tell……………. 🙂

The panels consisted of a piece of scrap 3/16″ A36 plate, and another plate 1/4″ thick, of the same material.

Then the noise commenced………..Spotted Owls were flyin’ everywhere, it was so loud.  Kind of a sad sight…little guys were all bangin’ into each other (Owls ain’t too good at flying during the daytime)

No Spotted Owls Were Harmed During This Demonstration.

research1The 3/16 didn’t fare too well.  9mm, and .38 Special rounds, almost folded it in half.  No +P ammo was used, just standard velocity rounds.  115gr FMJ 9mm at about 1100fps, and 158 LSWC .38 Special at maybe 800fps.  (The .38 Special actually packed more of a whallop)research2Cratering was very pronounced with the thinner metal.  Clearly not a good choice.

The 1/4″ material fared much better.research3Slight dimpling was observed at the very center of the impact area.  This was true with either type of ammunition.

Actual distance to target was a mix of 25′, and 50′ ranges.  The target was not free to move on impact, ie. it was restrained, thus taking full impact.

I think the boys at Uranus have something up their sleeves .unsureI think they’re about to debunk the myth about AR plate.  It’s good stuff Read More , but is it necessary in the proposed application?

We’ll have to wait for the product rollout from Uranus.

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