Ain’t Technology Grand!

This is the first time I’ve used one of these, and I have to say………………………………………………AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The extreme fire danger here has prompted us to clear all the brush near the house, and equipment.   A long process, and one I should have done sooner.

Pulled it in Saturday morning.rental chipper2rental chipper1rental chipper3rental chipper4Had 104 hours on it, brand spanking new.

We had to chip what we’d cut.  Put it all in a hole out in the pasture.rental chipper5This thing is absolutely the best piece of equipment I’ve used in years.  It was a necessity.  We’re so dry here that wildfires are a very real danger.  It precludes burning.  The only alternative is chipping what you’ve cut.

K’kins was nice enough to do the camera work at the beginning of the day.  These were the first few limbs run through the machine.  I was a bit nervous about running it, never have used one of these before.

The machine is incredible.  We were able to destroy about 20 carryall loads in just under 4 hours.clearing4This included dragging the limbs from where they’d been piled near the machine.  This was the biggest time user.  K’kins had to untangle the mess so she could drag them to me.  I couldn’t imagine being without her.  AND IN MORE WAYS THAN JUST THIS.  She’s the light of my life.  I love her dearly.

If you have to rent one of these, I’d be comfortable recommending this model.  It’s made to do the job.

Not in the video…………I was able to run up to 6″ material through the machine.  It slowed down, but handled it.

Don’t push these things.  Feed them……..don’t crowd them.  A little patience feeding makes up for downtime trying to unclog them.  I never had a clog, and the day went very smooth.

One of the best attributes of this machine is the low feed chute.  You don’t have to lift the limbs to get them into the feed.  It’s a back saver.

The major problem was me 🙂   I underestimated the capacity of the chipper, and could have piled more material to process.  Lesson learned.  We made up for it later in the job, but I could have done more cutting prior to renting the machine.

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