Emergency Wheel Repair

The lug bolts (yeah, bolts..not lug nuts) worked loose on the front wheel on the Allis a few days back.  I finally had to fix it yesterday.  Need it for some work.

The bolts wallowed out the holes in the wheel.wheel repair3The only option was to build up the metal that had been damaged.  For this I chose MIG wire, something I don’t do often.  This situation, however, was ideal for MIG.  Welding on a thin edge, without fear of burn through.wheel repair4Because the work was done outdoors, the shielding gas was turned up to combat being blown away by the breeze.wheel repair13Bolt holes were built up.wheel repair5Then the holes were brought to size with a die grinder.  Work was done from the backside so that some reference to original hole size was visible (the built up area isn’t anywhere close to true)wheel repair7wheel repair8The old bolt was used as a size gage.

After the wheel was “doctored”, the hub had to be corrected.  The loose bolts also took out the thread in the holes in the hub.  The only solution was to use the die grinder, and remove the thread so that the bolts could be inserted.wheel repair10Just enough was removed to allow the bolt to slip in without excessive play.

Wheel is then bolted to the hub with new lug bolts.wheel repair12Because there’s no thread left in the hub, the bolts were secured with nuts/washers on the backside.wheel repair11Not the ideal solution, but it’s now ready for work.  Might last an hour, might last for years.  The assembly was useless before the fix, so I figure as it was already broke, it couldn’t get any broker 🙂

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