Sarge Gets A Pedicure

Day started out pretty good.  K’kins come home from work early to help with the hoof trimming.  We get them in the pen with some treats, and all’s well.  So far.farrier3Coupla happy donkeys.

Then the farrier shows up, and the show begins.

The guy gets his special hoof trimming stand thingie out of the back of his pickup.  He tries to do the first hoof, and all Hell breaks loose 😀  Sarge ain’t having any part of this!!

So, luckily there’s some extra ropes in the back of the guy’s truck, and we get down to it.  Halter on his head, and a loop around his back hoof.  I’m no expert at any of this, but I can pull on a rope.  Farrier Dood tells me what to do,, and I do it.  Now we’re getting somewhere.farrier4K’kins is comforting Jenny, Farrier Dood is adjusting the tension on the rope, and I’m getting instructions.  I like the guy, he’s about as gentle as the situation will permit.  First he pulled just enough for the donkey to get used to the rope, and “kick” it out for a bit.  The rope was tightened when Sarge decided that he didn’t want to go the easy way, and only then.farrier1The small thing next to the donkey’s left front hoof is part of the “farrier stand” (so I gather they’re called).  The entire stand was kicked around the pen like a football 😀  Sarge apparently hadn’t heard of the proper way to trim hooves.farrier2It was a done deal after about an hour.  Both critters trimmed, and all was well.  No injuries to either party 🙂  Best $80 we ever spent.

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