Buyer Beware

Have a tire that’s been bad since I bought this tractor.  Recently it quit holding air for more than a few hours, unless you happen to park it in the right spot with the leak facing the ground.

I picked up a new tire at auction.  $300.  Pretty good for a new 18.4-34 tire.  New ones start at around $600.  Brought it home, and set it off to the side for about 3 months.  Nice looking sitting there, but not doing me much good.

So………….I finally get some help to do the job.  Time to switch out the tire.  K’kins son came over to help.  Cool kid.

Got her off the tractor, and off the rim.  IT FINALLY TOOK 3 OF US TO REMOVE THE FINAL BEAD.  K’kins took a look at us fighting it, looked at the tire, and decided there would be a better way.  We had it off in about 15 minutes after she showed up.  Two of us on the front side of the rim, and her on the backside.  Old tire, hard old rubber.  Probably been on the tractor for 20 years.

weld-this6weld-this5So, next day………………….I pick up the new tire, and get it ready for mounting.weld-this2I’m thinking how nice it’s gonna be to have new rubber on the ground.  No more getting stuck in the mud/manure, and no more having to air it up every day.


Getting ready to lay the tire down on the rim, AND I SEE THIS!!!weld-this1Never saw this when I was bidding on it.  I’m thinking they had it so that the cut was on the side facing the ground.  Real nice.  That’s about a 3 1/2″ cut…..all the way through.

Only thing to do is to put a boot in the tire.  Which, by the way IS A STINKIN’ RADIAL.  Flimsy sidewalls, and a lot of flex when running.  Not the ideal candidate for a boot.

Got two boots out of Tulsa.weld-this8And put them on so that they would overlap, and cover a very large area.  I’m figuring the more contact area, better chance the adhesive/cold vulcanizing compound will have a chance to hold them in place, and prevent the inner tube from bulging out the side of the tire.weld-this9Tire supply rep said you could apply these on top of each other.  I’ve never put a boot in a tire, so I guess I gotta take his word.

Got it all put together, and aired it up.weld-this7The areas has a pretty good sized bulge, but the tube isn’t coming through…..yet.  I marked the area with junk yard crayon to monitor the possible growth of the slit.

Although a tire like this only carries 18psi, it’s a pretty good amount of force.  Large volume, lot of square inches.

Fed with it today, and have to unload hay with it this evening.  So far so good.  Might hold a day, might hold 10 years.  Never know.  If it holds a while, I’ll put another boot on the outside to keep dirt out of the hole.

misc,_stuff_020Any day above ground is a good day