Hay Finally In….. 2016

Have to say…I’ve never finished putting up hay this late in the year.  Last day of baling was on THANKSGIVING DAY 🙂

It was a strange year.  Late planting.  Late crop emergence due to a short drought period after planting.  And life getting in the way of doing field work near harvest time.  It is what it is I guess.


Only got one cut this year.  I usually get two.  This affected yield, but what can ya do??

I tried to make a video that gives you an idea of what it’s like cutting a heavy crop.  You’re experiencing what I’m experiencing as I run the machine.  Hope you find it interesting, I tried 🙂


Finally In The Bale

Thanksgiving Day was the final day.  Baler gave me fits, and a pinched nerve somewhere near my lower back added to the fun.


I truly hope everyone has a good New Year, and a good year to come.  Ready for Winter here, BRING IT ON!! 🙂

avitarAny day above ground is a good day