Heavy Metal

I can remember going through Gary, Indiana as a child.  It was a dark town with road signs corroded by years of exposure to caustic fallout from the steel mills.  It was our technology in its hayday.  Something to behold as a young boy.  To me, it was a thing of beauty.

It’s mostly gone now.  Shuttered, and abandoned….. Like the old CF&I plant in Pueblo, Colorado.  I hauled many loads of steel products out of that place as a young man.  I loved that place.  It was a treat to go there, back in the day.  I miss it, like I miss other things of my youth.

Some Wonderful Films

I came across these, and wanted to share, and publicize them.  They document another thing soon to disappear.  The Sheffield Steel Works.  While its been reborn with the infusion of offshore funds, I fear it will go the way of our domestic steel industry.

A telling of the region is at http://www.storyingsheffield.com/project/steel-stories/

In this country, we share the same vision of things passed.

Any day above ground is a good day