Axle Swap Goes Wrong

Sometimes things don’t go quite like you plan 🙂

The day before started out good.  Moved the donor truck into the “shop”.Next day, pulled the rear axle.THEN……..Loud pop, and the wheels don’t turn fully to the right.  Time to get off the tractor and take a look.  Broke the front axle strut.  Not sure whether it broke yesterday, or a few days earlier, when I heard a loud pop while moving hay.  Anyways…………it’s time for some welding I guess.

Should start sometime today.

Finally Got Around To
Finishing It

The break was beveled for penetration, then the gap was closed with a come along.After a low amp root pass (75amps) to close the gap, the root pass was ground out to leave a uniform bevel for a hotter pass.  This is done to assure proper heat in the joint, and to fill any possible gaps left by the cold pass.  I like a cold pass to fill the wide gaps, and give some material for the hot pass to lay on top of.The original factory weld which holds the brace was left untouched.

Finished out with 3 passes to build the weld up to the height of the factory weld.  I figure it makes for a good transition, and less stress.Same thing was done to the backside.  All welds were done with 3/32 Excalibur.  Hot passes were done at 85amps.

Sort of a side note…. After removing the steering cylinder, which leaks BTW, I noticed that the eye on the base is almost totally shot.  That’ll be a good subject for a welding/machining project I guess.  When it rains, it pours 🙂

Any day above ground is a good day