Y03617 Hi Viz Front Sight Ruger Super Redhawk Review

Doooods, and Dooooodettes……………..We got a winner here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This front sight takes my shooting to a new level, and I’m VERY PLEASED.

The standard front sight that comes with the Super Redhawk is the usual ramp, with a red insert.  (Well, sorta red….more like orange).  It’s .533 tall, and isn’t for me.  (That’s just me, maybe you like the sight).srh sight1srh sight2The Hi Viz sight is .610 tall, and is what the doctor ordered for hot loads.  The additional height drops the barrel considerably while aiming, and allows for a Point Of Impact aim with express loads.  (I favor a 200gr cast flat nose, on top of 24-25gr H-110 )  Not a rocket, but not chicken feed either 🙂  Between 1300-1400ish fps, depending on how much powder you care to pack in the case.  More than adequate for a geezer that has passed the half Century mark by a decade.

I’m a steel target shooter, not MOA competition stuff, just like to hear the clang when I connect.  I also like a relaxed hold.  I’m not a Death Grip shooter.  Firm, but relaxed grip, with left hand, very light cradle grip with the right trigger hand.  I know I’m gonna get some recoil, but I prefer to focus on my trigger pull.  This higher profile sight allows me to control the effect of recoil on accuracy, without clamping the revolver in a vise 🙂  Squeeze that trigger, and let Her rock 😀

Light gathering is great.  It stands out very well.  Some might prefer red, but the green is very good.

Blade width is substantially less than the standard sight, this helps with fine tuning your aim IMHO.  The sight doesn’t obliterate the target, and is well suited for a point of impact aim, instead of a 6o’clock hold.srh sight3I’m showing a bit of high “point” to illustrate the narrower blade.  IT’S THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!  Best $30  I ever spent.

If you don’t see too well, or want a more refined sight picture, this thing is very good.

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