Miller Offset Disc Field Repair

All’s going well, when I notice the disc isn’t  working the ground right.  The back gang is completely out of the dirt.  Turns out, the leveling rod had come unthreaded.Minor damaged to the rod.And relatively minor damage to the internally threaded sleeve, but still unusable at this point.Head on back to the house, and hook up the welding skid.  Not for welding, but for portable electric power to run tools.Load all the crap you think you’re gonna need, and head back up to the field.I knew I could either grind the sleeve down to good thread, or try to clean up the thread with a die grinder.  Die grinder was first choice.Both parts cleaned up nicely without having to do any grinding.The object is to clear any obstructions which will interfere with the rod starting into the threaded portion of the sleeve.  Once threaded, the rod will act as a thread chaser, and clean up the thread.

Back together, and ready to re-level the disc.They like big nuts on these things.Ready to finish up the field.Got her done, and finally got all the stuff moved back to the house just before nightfall.

Any day above ground is a good day

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