Baler Tongue and Jack Repair

Slightly Tweaked

The previous owner probably turned too tight, and hit the jack.  It happens, I’ve done it many times (although my other balers have the jack in a better place, which prevents this).baler tongue1-1It’s dangerous.  I’m always worried when I drop the baler.  I’m afraid that one day it will just lean over, and WHAMO.

Cleaning it up for Repair

The jack is cut off the mounting plate with a combination of two tools.  A regular grinding wheel to remove the bulk of the weld so that a razor wheel can then be used.

One side is cut partially through.baler tongue2-1Then the remaining side is cut all the way through.  This allows insertion of a chisel.baler tongue3-1The chisel spreads the joint, and the other side is fatigued off of the baler.  The small amount of weld that was left will yield with some wiggling.baler tongue4-1Notice that the razor wheel was used at an angle AWAY from the jack while cutting.  The jack is to be preserved.  The plate is a throw-away.  Jack undamaged, just needs to be ground smooth.baler tongue5-1The plate is then rough cut to remove the bulk of it.baler tongue6-1Then a scarfing tip (special tip used to wash welds, and such, out)baler tongue15The angle is so that it can be laid on its side, and the rest of the torch handle will clear the plate.baler tongue16I will use this over a plasma any day of the week.  The plasma sales guys say you can scarf with plasma, but I’ll stick with something that REALLY works.
The first wash-out is on the left side.  It’s in the valley that was created by the bent tongue metal, so the weld can’t be 100% removed without fear of directing the oxygen stream into the parent metal, thereby ruining it.baler tongue7-1The second weld is on a nice flat surface, and the TRUE GLORY 😀 of the scarfing tip can shine.  Almost complete wash-out.  CHA-CHING!!!!baler tongue8-1The art of it is to do it without cutting into the plate.  Get one of these, and practice, and you’ll love it.

Some Straightening

The bend has to be taken out of the tongue so the new stuff will fit properly, and also to bring the tongue back into specs structurally.

A piece of tubing is clamped across the inside radius of the bend.baler tongue10-1And another clamp puts pressure against the outside radius of the bend (inside the tongue).  The clamp is slightly offset from where I need to apply heat for shrinking.baler tongue11-1

Now for the Heat

I didn’t have time to do pics of the heating sequence while working.  Had to beat the rain.  And NOW I GOTTA BEAT K’KINS 🙂 .  Gotta get off this puter before she gets home.  I’ll put some pics with details sketched in later.

However………………..the results are pretty good.baler tongue12baler tongue13The heating took about maybe 15 cycles to complete.  The combination of the crease in the web, and the buckled flange, was a bit hard to get back to shape.  It’s about as close as it can get at this point.  There is a slight bend ahead of this area (to the left in the pics) which can’t be accessed, and straightened.  This area affects the freshly straightened area.  Would have to cut the tongue apart to get to the other part needing straightening.  It is what it is I guess.   Anyways………it’s good to go for the next step.

Just beat the rain too 😀 .baler tongue14


So, I’m cruising along.  Well not actually cruising……..We’re currently experiencing a flea infestation hereabouts.  I mean an INFESTATION!!!!!!!  The yard is full of the critters, and they bite.  Repel doesn’t work either.  So it’s open season on anyone working in the grass……..which means ME.

So, I’m trying to put this thing together while scratching like a dog 🙂 .  Get it all clamped up, and find out that I’m still out a bit.  A BIT IS CHARITY……..I’M OUT BY AS MUCH AS 1/4 INCH ON ONE CORNER OF THE NEW PLATE.   I’m not about to put more heat into the tongue, it’s been smoogied enough for a lifetime.

So, the plate gets welded on.  And a new piece of tubing is mounted on the plate to receive the modified selections9Yeah…………Well life ain’t all it seems.  There’s the hidden seamy underside of repair welding.  The selections4The lower left corner of the new plate.  It’s out by about a full 1/4″.  OOOOOOOMPH!!!!!!!!!!!  I got six stinkin’ passes in that one corner!!!!!!!!!!!  One under the plate to fill in the gap underneath the edge of the plate (sorta like a full penetration open root weld sorta).  Another to bring the filler out to the end of the edge.  Two more to build a “floor” for the remaining beads.  Then the final two passes to make it all meet up on the top corner of the plate.  The lower corner is left open to drain any water trapped between the tongue, and the new plate.  GEEEEEEEZ!!!!!  What a mess!!  But I have to fill out the gaps to make the tongue (which still has some warp on it) conform to the new flat plate,  The plate has to be flat in order to mount the selections6The jack is modified accordingly.  The receiver is 3x3x3/16 tubing.  The part on the jack is 2 1/2×2 1/2×3/16 tubing.  They will nest together fairly good, without too much selections8I have always preferred pin-on jacks for heavy farm equipment.  They can be put up somewhere safe while the equipment is in use.  Less to mangle when you do something stupid 🙂 .


I’m the first one to push the “Moron Button” when I see/hear absolute rubbish.  Well…………’s come home to roost.

I get done with this thing, and tow it out to where I keep the equipment.  Put my new marvel of engineering jack on it, crank it up, and pull the tractor out from under it.  (I’m patting myself on the back for getting out of a lousy situation with some grace).  Everything is square, and plumb.  Woo-hoo!!!!…………….Then I stand back, and take a GOOD selections13The top cover door thingy is off by a mile.  I MEAN A MILE!!!!!!!!!!final selections16final selections17That sucker is offset by about TWO INCHES!!!!!  Now I’m about to crap my pants.  Did I do something wrong?????  Did I put too much heat into it.  (the backside of the tongue after all the heating to straighten, and heat from welding)final selections12(The cover plate on the bottom flange of the tongue is to bypass the damaged area, it also attaches, and is radiused to the repair plate, thus forming an outer channel section.)  There’s been a lot of heat in this area.

I take a better look at the tongue from straight selections14The straight yellow line is the center of the tongue.  The arrow shows just how much the coupler is off to the left of the centerline of the baler.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!  That’s about a 3-4″ offset.  CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe I’ve done this to my baler.southpark0011I am the Master Of The Universe when it comes to straightening, and welding ( 😀 ).  This can’t be happening to me.

I decide to see if this thing was bent before I started working on it.  Big lesson here guys……..really look at something good before you start working on it, and I mean GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

I remembered that I’d taken some pictures when I bought this selections18See what I’m seein’??final selections19That thing was wack-a-do when I bought it.  BIG SIGH OF RELIEF.

But…………..I’m still not out of the woods here.

Question One:  Why would I consider buying something in this shape??  I can’t exactly remember the day, but I do remember I was sort of desperate for a baler.  My other baler had puked in a big way, and the repair parts were 2 weeks out, and I needed to bale the hay that was on the ground.  Did I see this, and ignore it?  Or did I not see it?  If I didn’t see it… this a sign of approaching Alzheimers??  Geeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question Two:  How come I didn’t see it before I started working on it??  Pretty stupid, and pretty MORON.  I was blind to anything but the immediate area I was working on.  And again, is this a sign of impending Alzheimers???  GEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!!

So now I have a nice straight jack, but a twisted tongue.  To straighten the tongue would require completely reworking the jack repairs.  THE MOUNTING RECEIVER WAS COPED TO FIT THE TWEAKED TONGUE.  If the tongue is brought back to true, the jack would wind up at an odd angle.Picture 666Congratulations Sam……….you have now entered the Halls of Morondom.  All bow to the moron.11Tomorrow will be a better day.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Tomorrow will be a better day……………………………….itsok

misc,_stuff_020Any day above ground is a good day 

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