Barbed Wire Caddy

We were building some fence, and needed an efficient way to unroll barbed wire over rough terrain.

While it may be attached to the tractor drawbar, it’s more versatile when attached to the 3pt hitch.  The 3pt allows you to raise/lower the caddy to compensate for rough/hilly/obstructed conditions.  In this case I’m able to attach it to the trailer mover. wire caddy3

The base plate is cut from some 3/16 scrap plate. wire caddy4

To hold the roll of wire you need a spindle.  The spindle is made from some leftover 1″ cold roll round stock.  A 1″ bolt is trimmed to remove the head, then welded to the spindle.

When butt welding round stock, it’s necessary to bevel the pieces to obtain a full penetration weld.During the welding process, it’s wise to protect the bolt thread from spatter.wire caddy5wire caddy6wire caddy7cady1

The spindle is welded to the plate on the top surface of the plate.  Do not weld on the underside of the plate, this surface has to be flush with whatever you’re going to attach the caddy to.cady2

Two tabs were attached to the underside of the plate to prevent the unit from turning while it’s attached to the drawbar.  Torqueing the nut will cause it to spin until it’s fully tightened.cady3

The spindle is drilled to accept a lynch pin, and a spot weld added to keep the washer from sliding down the spindle.  Keep it simple.cady4


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