Battery Boxes Oliver 1850

This year was the final year for the old boxes.  Time for new ones.battery boxes5Removed both boxes, and started the layout for the new ones.  The new material is 1/8″ diamondplate.  What I had on hand.

When cutting sheet metal, I like to use a flap wheel instead of a grinding wheel for cleaning up a cut.  Takes off just enough material to get rid of the slag/dross.

battery boxes1Instead of using a drag tip, I prefer standoff cutting.  Simply measure how far your kerf is from the edge of the standoff guide, then set your straightedge accordingly.  It’s very accurate, and saves consumables.battery boxes2battery boxes repair picNotice how the straightedge is offset from the cut line.  The actual cut line is where the torch nozzle cuts.  In this case….5/8″ from the edge of the standoff guide on the torch.

The old battery boxes were used as a template to mark the bolt holes for attaching the things to the tractor.battery boxes6Had to do this because the holes in the tractor were not in line, or the same on both sides.

After the holes were marked, I took the pieces of sheetmetal, and dry fitted them on the tractor.  THIS IS IMPORTANT……..ALWAYS BUILD FROM THE OLD OUT TO THE NEW.  NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING.  As it turned out, the holes would have been off about 1/2″.  The old boxes were narrower, and the new ones, designed to handle full size commercial truck batteries, were wider.battery boxes7Because the boxes are mirror images, the pieces had to be kept separate, and marked as to which box they were for.  Bolt hole placement is different on either side of the tractor.

Now for the assembly.battery boxes8battery boxes9This is one of the few instances I’ll actually use the magnets for assembly.  They’re not square, and are only good for tacking.  The tacks can then be adjusted for a good fit.

All the metal was tacked with pretty small tacks, but still actual serviceable mini welds.  Don’t think that tacks aren’t important, they sometimes have to withstand some actual stress during fitup, and welding.battery boxes10The finish welds are small, this prevents distortion.battery boxes13It’s important to note that something like this should be welded with a series of small welds….no need for continuous weld.battery boxes12Drainage holes were cut in the floor of the box to keep water from collecting.  These are open boxes.battery boxes15

If all goes well, you get two perfectly matching boxes.battery boxes11

battery boxes14Next step is to mount everything up, and put the batteries back.battery boxes17battery boxes18Currently I’m running Group 65 batteries because I got a good deal on them.  The boxes are sized to accept larger batteries if I happen to get a good deal on those next time around.

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