Farmer Does MIG

As a rule I don’t do MIG.  I don’t look at MIG.  I don’t like MIG.  And I hate MIG.  Besides……..mostly working outdoors, it just isn’t feasible in the “shop”.

Once in a while I have to do it though.allis exhaust7I’m sick of looking at this, and I’m sick of sucking in exhaust all the time.  Besides…….one has a reputation to uphold….can’t be runnin’ around on a tractor looking like this 😀 .

Wandered on down to the local exhaust place, and picked up some 3″ pipe, and a clamp, and a connector fitting.  48″ of pipe to be exact.  Twenty Eight dollars!!!!!!  Stuff keeps going up.

Glued the connector to the pipe.allis exhaust1Been so many years exclusively running stick, and flux core, that I can’t get used to pushing the gun.  I gotta drag the gun to see what I’m doing.  Supposed to be the wrong way to do it, but it works I guess.  Good heat on this thin stuff as far as I can tell.allis exhaust2This is only possible on a calm day, otherwise the shielding gas gets blown away.  I keep it turned up to help from having it dispersed by the wind.allis exhaust4THIS IS THE SAME BOTTLE OF GAS THAT I BOUGHT WHEN I BOUGHT THE WELDER SOME 15YRS AGO.biggrinCan probably count on the fingers of two hands, and toes on one foot, the number of times I do anything involving MIG.  Makes the gas last for a long time 🙂 .

Get it all glued together, and rush to the tractor, holding it in my sweaty little hands.  This is a BIG moment folks.  The Allis has, at this exact point in time, become a money pit!  Once you spend the first penny, do the first upgrade, the first repair………….it’s the slippery slope from here on out 🙂 .allis exhaust5It does look sorta cool in a retro way gotta say.  Even has the little flapper thingy to finish off on the overall effect 😀 .

Another major fabrication job rolls out the door (if I had a door).  THE LOGObiggrin

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