International Harvester 150 Hoe Drill Catwalk

It’s planting time again, and I’m of an age where I’m not too fond of balancing on a crappy catwalk.  Been doing it for near on 17yrs with this particular seed drill, and it’s time for a bit of repair.drill catwalk8drill catwalk9Never could actually step on the rotting board, and have had to stand on the supports.  Easy to lose your footing, and break a leg.

First step, after removing the wood, is to place a straightedge along the supports.  This is to see what you’ll actually be working with…..just how straight is everything.  I always recommend building from the equipment out on something like this.  You have to work with what you’re given.drill catwalk10drill catwalk11All the existing supports were reasonably straight/level, except for this one.  Would’nt have known this without checking first with the straightedge.  Now I know that it’s something to be dealt with as the build progresses.drill catwalk6The gap is to be filled with the welding material.  Easiest thing to do in this situation.  The tacks will hold the pieces apart so that the cooling weld won’t try to close the gap.  I’ve explained this process before.

The basic supports are made of 1″, 11ga square tubing.  Sturdy enough for something like this.

One problem with the steel we’re getting these days from “offshore” is the huge amount of oil sprayed on it to keep it from rusting during transport.drill catwalk1Have to clean the mess off with paint thinner before it can be welded.

Anyways……it all turned out nice, and level.  Be a welcome change after so many years.drill catwalk2drill catwalk3About the only PITA was moving the 1/8″ diamondplate from the trailer to where I could cut it.  Getting too old to manhandle 200lb pieces of sheetmetal.drill catwalk12drill catwalk13drill catwalk14

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