Lawnmower Modification

I wanted a walk behind string trimmer.  One of the 5hp variety.  A DR Mower would have been ideal.

“Hon” (to K’kins), whadya think about a new walk behind string trimmer”

“That’s a lot of money (K’kins to me), maybe you could do without it if you kept up with the yard better, and didn’t let the Johnson Grass grow to FOUR FEET tall”

So………..I guess there’s not gonna be a new string trimmer.  I really wanted one of these……..string trimmerSigh………………….

Next Best Thing

So……….I have an older mower that’s been pretty good, but it’s heavy, and awkward on rough ground, and in tall grass.

The idea is to raise the deck to allow it to run good in tall stuff, and put some bigger front wheels on it so that it can run on really rough ground.mower1The front wheels are height adjustable.mower2But there won’t be clearance for a large 10″ diameter wheel unless the axle is swung forward.mower3This completely negates the adjustment mechanism, so something else had to be done.  Pulled the front axle.mower4Welded a piece of square tubing to the lower part of the axle, near the spindle, to receive a new set of  braces.mower6The axle is now positioned forward of the pivot, extremely forward.  To provide support, a piece of flat stock is welded to the deck, and to the square tubing.  This is sturdy enough to support the load, and take a pretty good amount of rough handling.mower8And here we have it.mower7biggrin

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